Zamboanga Beaches

If bathing in the sun and dipping in the waters is your idea of a good time, Zamboanga City will not disappoint you. Although hailed as the City of Flowers, it can also be called a city of lovely beaches.

Pink Sand Beach

For a lot of people, the Pink Sand Beach off Greater Sant Cruz Island is not just Zamboangas finest beach, but the very best in the Philippines and Asia.

What makes Pink Sand Beach unique and so striking are its pink sands. This coloring is brought about because of the combination of crushed red organ pipe coral that fused with the white sand of the beach. This process took billions of years to take effect, and is now the main attraction of the island itself. There are also plenty of coral reefs around the island, something scuba divers can look forward to.

Pitas Island Beach

Pitas Island is very near to Bolong Beach, and it is a definite must see for beach lovers and dive enthusiasts.

Although separate from Zamboanga City, it is nevertheless easily reached by a boat, and once you get to this site, there are several places you can visit, but one of the most popular are the 11 Islands. The beach is fantastic, and with the myriad life forms in its waters, also great for diving.

White Sand Beach

Very near the Greater Santa Cruz Island is Little Santa Cruz Island, and what it lacks in size it makes up for with its beautiful White Sand Beach.

Everything you can ever want for in a beach you can find here at White Sand Beach. There are beautiful native huts complete with amenities. There are also mangroves, lagoons, lush vegetation and plenty of exotic sea creatures in the waters, making this one of Zamboangas bet tourist destinations.

Visa Island Beach

The beautiful thing about Zamboanga City is that its island beaches are nearly side by side. From Bolong and Pitas Island it is only a short skip to Visa Island.

While it is not as large as the other aforementioned islands, Visa Island is still worth a visit; not only are the sands a brilliant white, but there are very few people there, and being alone with nature is something a lot of people look forward to.

Bolong Beach

Stretching a mile (1.5 km) long, Bolong Beach is about 20 miles (33 km) away from Zamboanga City. Once you get there, a lot of great activities await.

There are now several resorts and huts in the area, and for most people the best way to spend a vacation there is to stay at one of the huts, and jog in the morning by the shore. Afterwards you can go grab some barbecue from the many eateries, or you can make some of your own.

Other activities you can do in Bolong Beach include canoeing. You can also help the fishermen catch fish with their fishnets, and you might even get some yourself.

Banong Island Beach

Baong Island is part of the 11 islands that constitute some of the finest beaches in Zamboanga City, and this is one of the best of them.

Baong Island is favored by tourists for several reasons, one of them its clean and pure waters. The sands on the shore are some of the finest among all of the beaches in the Philippines. There are also beautiful corals and fish lying beneath the waters surface.

Bobo Island Beach

Owing to the fact that it has few inhabitants, Bobo Island, near Baong, continues its ascent to the top of the most popular island destinations in Zamboanga City.

Bobo Island Beach isnt just about its fine white sands, of which there are plenty, but also its various rock formations, and various sea creatures and underwater attractions in the waters. There are a lot of things you can do here, but for most, just sitting by the beach and watching the day go by is just perfect.